Black Box Pedals

These first units will have a 90 day parts and labor guarantee. If there's a problem, you ship the pedal back to us on your nickel, and we'll get it back to you on ours. When you order your pedal, be sure to open it up and try out all its features as soon as it arrives. You might want to  download the manual Wah2KManual.pdf to be sure you discover and explore all 4 operating modes. The pedal is nearly bullet proof, so it should arrive working fine and keep working forever. 

But on the outside chance that you find something is amiss, call the phone # on the instruction sheet or email us at and we'll give you an RA# (return authorization number). Please do not ship us anything without an RA#, or it will just bounce back to you. For those of you buying these early units, however, you should still call us if the pedal has any problems even after the warranty period expires. We have a real interest in tracking these units over time and will be very cooperative about diagnosing and fixing any problems you might encounter.

Thanks for your business,

Black Ops Pedals