Black Box Pedals

Welcome to Black Ops Pedals. We are a manufacturer of guitar sound effect pedals and accessories built around the patented "Psychic Sound" technology. Psychic Sound  tech listens to the musician's note choice, playing styles and technique in order to automatically change any variable parameters (like gain, depth, rate, on/off etc.) of the the effect in question.

In that the classic Wah pedal requires far and away more control than any other pedal, the wah effect was chosen as the flagship model to demonstrate the true power of the Psychic Sound technology. Made entirely in the US (excepting some of the ICs), the Psychic Wah beta model (blue hammer finish model)  is an inductor based wah pedal that needs no pedal. Just plug it in and play your instrument and the pedal does the rest. As you play anything from Hendrix to Slash to Gilmore, the Psychic Wah will surprise you how well it operates the virtual digital pedal in pursuit of that vocal nuance unique to the wah pedal.

In addition to the Psychic Wah, the future product line will include versions of just about every other sound effect pedal out there. The difference is, with our pedals, your playing will dynamically invoke and adjust in real time a multitude of variable parameters from activating and deactivating the effect, to gain, to pitch, to tone, to rate, to depth, etc., etc., in synchronization with any combination of note, chord and phrase you can think of. We invite you to purchase our Beta model Psychic Wah and enjoy the ride.

All the best from Black Ops Pedals